Mountain Biking

Dental Plans No Waiting Period – Can I get My Dental Work Done Without A Waiting Period?

[ad_1] It seems as though we are constantly getting requests for dental plans no waiting period. This is because many people have issues that need to be taken care of right now and traditional dental insurance doesn’t cover pre-existing conditions immediately. Dental insurance is just like any other type of insurance that you might purchase, […]

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The North Country Trail – The Trail That Makes the Appalachian Trail Look Like a Walk in the Park

[ad_1] The North Country Trail (NCT) spans 4,600 miles and stretches from New York to North Dakota. This distance makes it the longest of the National Scenic Trails at more than two times the distance of the Appalachian Hiking Trail and almost 50% longer than the second longest option, the 3,100 miles Continental Divide Trail. […]

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Contemplation: Just A Mystic Activity?

[ad_1] Do Christian Mystics Actually Engage In This? I’ve read Islamic tradition revealing that Mohammad, exactly like Moses, Abraham, and Jesus, was wont to go to a mountain. While there they would contemplate life and its meaning. This was not recreation, this was not “getting away from the crowds.” This was contemplation, a necessary element […]

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