Here are some of the resources and links from Surviving a Mud Run

Pull Up Bar

This is the pull bar that I used for P90x and for getting ready for my mud runs.  It works great and fits right over the doorway.

Workout Bands

These are the resistance bands that I use for bent over rows, curls, tricep extensions, shoulder press and more.  They were great for P90X and Mud Run training. I recommend the Gold’s bands, as they have out lasted other brands that I’ve tried.


Drive by Dan Pink is one of my favorite books about motivation.  It talks about Autonomy, Mastery, and Purpose as the things that truly motivate people that have to “think” for living. I’ve tried to apply those principles to motivation for running and mud run training.

Power of Habit


This book is great at explaining how and why habits form.  I’m a nerd for this type of stuff.  Check it out. And if you’re interested in other, more specific habit books, check out my friend S.J. Scott’s books at